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Blog’s Favicon and App Icon

A while ago, we upgraded the blog to WordPress 4.3 which now has a new feature: Site Icons! This is also known as favicon which is short for “Favorite Icon”. Favicon is an icon where anyone can see their shortcut icon, website icon, bookmark icon, or mobile/tablet app icon. Here’s…
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Sort Text-Based List by Last Name using Excel

Separate and Sort by Last Name

Have you ever needed to sort a list by last name, but the names are in a Word file or other text-based document?  If so, then you know how time consuming it can be to manually separate them into First Name and Last Name.  Well, Excel to the rescue! Here’s…
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Out with the old! Files, of course!

Adobe Contribute

Do you link to and publish newsletters, forms, or flyers? Do you update images often? Do you need to delete an unused web page? An active website is a useful website, but all those published files are stored on the server. It may be time for a cleanup.
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Blogging: Access Mobile/Tablet App

There are other ways to access and/or publish your post on your blog without using a computer. Yes, we can use email to publish a blog, but the tools are not very good and it’s probably not the best solution. Why? It requires one email account that will allow your…
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