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Sustainability Videos

General Sustainability / Introduction

Why is Sustainability Important?

Container Production

Sustainable Options for Nursery Containers

Energy Efficiency

Improving Energy Efficiency in Nurseries


Sustainable Fertilizers for Nursery Production

General Irrigation

Effective Overhead Irrigation

Low Volume Irrigation

General Production

Methods and Tools to Improve Nursery Production Efficiency

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Nursery

Runoff Management & Reclaimed Water Use

Managing Nursery Runoff

Use of Reclaimed Wastewater for Irrigation

Recycling and Re-purposing

Recycling and Re-purposing in the Nursery


Sustainable Substrates for Nursery Production


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    By promoting sustainable nursery production practices, we aim to foster the development of new specialty sustainable-production nurseries creating a new market niche for small and mid-size farms, as well as promoting productivity and sustainability for limited resource farms.

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