Horticultural Physiology

Shuyang Zhen places 2nd in college graduate student competition

Shuyang Zhen, a PhD candidate in the Horticultural Physiology lab, represented the department of horticulture in the PhD part of the annual college graduate student competiton. The Broadus Browne competition is held in honor of the former Director of the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station. Participants in the competition are judged based on a…
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PodPonics visits Horticultural Physiology Lab

A group of people from PodPonics visited the Horticultural Physiology Lab on November 19. PodPonics has developed an innovative approach to growing crops inside used shipping containers, using LED lights. As part of developing this farming approach, PodPonics has developed a lot of new technology. Paul Thomas and Marc van…
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Marc van Iersel visits Pioneer and Iowa State

Marc van Iersel traveled to Iowa to visit Pioneer in Des Moines and Iowa State in Ames, IA. While at Pioneer, he was hosted by Jonathan Frantz and Brian Krug. He gave two seminars, discussing the importance of proper methodology to induce drought stress resposnes in plants and the use…
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Marc van Iersel gives seminar on LED research at Cornell University

Marc van Iersel visited Cornell University to give a seminar on his work on biofeedback control of photosynthetic lighting. His seminar was well attended and generated much subsequent discussion. Hopefully this visit will result in future collaboration with Cornell’s Controlled Environment Agriculture group, as well as Tessa Pocock at Rensselaer…
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