UGA Horticulture Department

Horticulture graduate students win awards at the 61st SNA Research Conference

SNA winners, 2016

The happy winners from the 2016 SNA research Conference included Zhitong Li (2nd from left, 3rd place, MS competition), David Gianino (middle, 1st place MS competition) Geoffrey Weaver, third from right, 2nd place PhD competition) and Shuyang Zhen (right, 1st place PhD competition). Great students doing good work!

The 61st Annual Southern Nursery Association Research Conference was held in Athens, GA on August 30 and 31, 2016. The highlight of the first day was the annual student competition, with separate competitions for BS, MS, and PhD students. The horticulture department was well represented in the competition, with David Gianino and Zhitong Li in the MS division, while Shuyang Zhen and Geoffrey Weaver were part of the PhD competition. Our students gave outstanding talks and clearly impressed the judges. David Gianino won the MS competition with his presentation titled ‘Adaptive LED Lighting Can Benefit Greenhouse Production’. He discussed the benefits of the adaptive LED lights developed by him and Dr. Marc van Iersel. Zhitong Li, who works in Dr. John Ruter’s lab placed third in the MS competition for her talk titled ‘Induction of Tetraploid Hibiscus moscheutos through Seedling Soaking’. She discussed her ongoing breeding work on Hibiscus. Shuyang Zhen won the PhD competition for her presentation on ‘Modeling Daily Water Use of Bedding Plants Based on Environmental Factors and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index’, discussing the use of remote sensing to estimate canopy size. that information can then be used for predicting crop water needs. Geoffrey Weaver placed second with his talk on ‘Screening Photosynthetic Performance of Bedding Plants Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence’. his worked is focused on determining how efficiently different crops can use light (and how that depends on light intensity). Both Shuyang Zhen and Geoffrey Weaver work with Dr. Marc van Iersel in the Horticultural Physiology Lab. We are very proud of the outstanding work that is being done by our graduate students!