Post Trip- Rutland Farms

Rutland Farm was by far my favorite visit along this tour. I love every aspect of the farm and particularly how it is a family ran operation. Rutland Farm is also very diverse in that they have many different activities for kids to participate in, different fruits for families to pick and also a market for shopping. They know how to remain profitable all throughout the year, not just in their peak seasons. Through being diverse they are able to keep the business running even when their produce is out of season. By the road side market and petting zoo they are able to open up the farm year round, not just when their produce is ready to be harvested.

I love how the operation is a family farm. Growing up in a family run business I know the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with. But it is always rewarding to see a family that has passed down a farm over several generations. That is one thing that I love the most about Rutland Farms. I also like how they are very involved with the community. They allow many field trips for local schools and it is a great way to spread Agricultural awareness in the community.

Overall, Rutland was one of my favorite stops. The free ice cream was a hit, everyone fell in love with the animals at the petting zoo, and the fact that it is a family run business makes it even better. I would love to be able to visit this farm one day soon in the future!

-Shelby Smith