Post trip reflection – Thrush aviation

What a week it’s been; 5 days and 17 stops later, we have seen and been through some truly unique sights and experiences. One of these that stuck out to me especially was our time at Thrush Ag Aviation. I found Thrush to be especially fascinating, because before our visit I never had much exposure to this industry or really even thought about using airplanes as agricultural tools by acting as more effective sprayers. On the tour through the facility, I probably learned the most out of any of our visits this week. Our tour guide, Kevin, told us about the process of building the planes, selling them, and finally shipping them to their destination. On average, 50 planes are bought and sold a year, but the demand for them can also fluctuate some. We also got to see the planes up close and examine the features they carried: 500+ gallon spray tanks, wind driven dispersal fans, and wire cutters/deflectors for safety. All of this probably would have been things I’d never have seen or learned about otherwise and a great example of the opportunities offered by the spring break ag tour trip.

-Johnny Chen