Post Trip – Reflection

Agriculture is commonly mistaken as a purely male industry. If there is one thing that I have learned on this trip, it is that there are an astounding number of females in agriculture and in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia. Of the thirty-six students that traveled on this trip only six were male. With that being said, I foresee an influx of women in the agriculture industry. At FPL Foods specifically, we learned that women currently hold a majority of their upper-level supervisory positions.

After this trip, I am more excited than ever to step out into the real world and experience a job in food and fiber. Whether that be a job with a farm like Jaemore, Rutland, Lewis Taylor, or Mercier Orchards or more in a research environment like that at the Georgia Poultry Lab. The range of opportunities is much larger than most people would expect and the security of the industry is unparalleled. The need for food and fiber will never disappear. If anything, the demand is going to grow with time.

The experiences and professional connections I have made through the Ag Tour of Georgia have set me up to have an internship this summer and has prepared me to make career decisions after graduation. I cannot thank Dr. Bertrand enough for this opportunity. This trip has opened my eyes in many ways and I hope others will choose to take this trip in the future.

– Dana Frazier