Post-Trip Blog & Rock Ranch

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this spring break trip. I knew there were several great stops during the week, but I was still hesitant if we were actually going to learn something from every stop and have fun. By the end of the trip the consensus was out: I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my last spring break.

I took away something from every place we visited whether it was good or bad. I enjoyed some stops more than others so it was very hard to pinpoint one that I wanted to write about. I decided to write about the Rock Ranch because it was the perfect ending to our week being the stop of our last night.

The Rock Ranch was purchased by the Cathy family for the purpose of a foster home for children. While there are still two homes on the property today that are used for that purpose, there is so much more to the Rock Ranch. They operate a well managed beef cattle herd as well as many agritourism attractions. They host many family/community days for people to come learn about agriculture while also having some fun! They offer over-night accommodations that include cottages and Conestoga wagons. Most of the group stayed in the wagons, and we had a great time! There were several camp fires, s’mores, storytelling, card games, and exploring adventures that occurred during our stay. It was very obvious from the employees to the beautiful landscapes of the ponds and cow pastures that it was just a great place to be.

From someone who is an agricultural education major I found this stop to be very fascinating. I have a big interest in agritourism and animal science so it was no surprise that I enjoyed this place.

I had such a wonderful time on this trip with new and old friends and would definitely recommend it to other students in the future.