Post-Trip Blog about Serenbe Farms

Each stop on the Ag Tour taught me something of value about Georgia agriculture. One stop that particularly opened my eyes was Serenbe Farms.
This community has a dream of uniting people and forming community through agriculture. This goal stems back to the way society used to function, and is an interesting example of going back in history to progress into the future. The idea of bringing people back to their roots to form community is something that we see more often now. With the scare of farmland slowly disappearing and people becoming more out of touch with agriculture, this community could help start a revolution.
There are several concerns and problems that any community would have to overcome to really achieve this goal, but it is definitely attainable on a certain scale.
The idea of urban agriculture is very valuable in the future of America. It is inevitable that urban centers will continue to grow, so we need to find a way to incorporate agriculture into these urban centers.
The most valuable part of this idea, I feel, is keeping children exposed to farming and agriculture. I have heard so many stories of children who have grown up in urban cities and have never seen crops growing or have even seen a cow in real life. Often when children are raised in cities they have no reason to venture outside of the city, and therefore don’t ever see rural areas where their food comes from. If agriculture and urban farming were part of communities, these children would be exposed to agriculture as they are growing up and could therefore take an interest in it. The average age of farmers is increasing every year, leading to the assumption that less young people are taking on farming. This could be a dangerous trend. Communities like Serenbe could be an attainable and valuable way to show kids the realities of agriculture and spark an interest that might not otherwise be there.
Overall, I really enjoyed this stop, and it definitely helped broaden my perspective of agriculture in an urban setting. At first, I was skeptical on whether the idea would actually work or if it was just some novel idea that would never really happen. Serenbe helped show me that it really is possible, and I hope other communities like this are developed elsewhere in the future.